George Paul - Potent Brew

George grew up under his mom’s piano in Fresno, CA. He discovered Jazz in high school, then drifted into the blues bars, spent a little time in a funk band, and then some wasted years in country bars before entering the contra dance world. Not knowing what contra dance piano should be like, he brought his own interpretations to the contra world, playing 9 years with the Avant Gardeners, then with his own bands Playing with Fyre, Joyful Noise, the Ivory Boys and now Potent Brew.

Sue Hulsether

Sue Hulsether leads dances from American folk traditions, guided by a passion for creating positive human connections.  When Sue leads, she weaves dancing, singing and community into a joyful tapestry of music and movement. Under the spell of her energetic flair, warmth and clear instruction, groups of all sorts find themselves on their feet and eager to join in.  Sue’s calm confidence manages groups large and small, stemming from years of calling dances and teaching people of all ages.

Dave Bartley - Potent Brew

Mandolinist/guitarist Dave Bartley has played classical music with the Seattle Symphony and Opera, rock music in (small) stadiums, French Cabaret and jazz music at cafes and festivals, and Balkan, Israeli and Greek folk dance music for dancing and listening. But what he likes doing best is playing for contra dance, English Country dance, ballroom and swing dance — and he gets to play for all of them with a long list of bands, including KGB, Contra Sutra, Roguery, Tricky Brits, Valse Cafe Orchestra. He’s very excited to play at the inaugural Falling Leaf dance weekend with Potent Brew!

Sam Timmreck

Sam was introduced to the world of clogging and flatfooting when he joined the Wild Goose Chase Cloggers in 2010. A life long lover of dance, Sam quickly found that this new form suited him well. After a number of years immersing himself in the collective knowledge of a 30+ year old group, including two international trips to folk dance festivals across Europe, he travelled to West Virginia and competed in the Clifftop flatfoot competition, where he took first place.  Since taking the award at Clifftop, Sam has been invited to teach workshops at a number of festivals, and cherishes the opportunity so share his love of this delightful way to move to music. 
Sam has since retired from the WGCC, but still loves to cut loose at a square dance, in the kitchen, or at a party. If he’s not dancing there, he’s probably playing the fiddle. 

The flatfooting workshop will provide instruction for all participants.  In flatfoot, dancers keep their feet close to the ground. This how-low-can-you-go style distinguishes it from the loud claps of clogging and the extroverted, bent-leg thrusts of buck dancing.

Ben Schreiber - Potent Brew

Ben Schreiber, originally from St. Louis, MO, moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2011. Ben began playing the violin at the age of three and was classically trained. Around the age of twelve, he shifted his focus to folk music. After a brief foray into the world of competitive bluegrass, Ben became drawn towards the contra dance community, and eventually formed several local Midwest bands. In addition to contra dance music, he also plays for English Country Dancing, and was a member of the klezmer band, Yidn.