1st Annual

Falling Leaf Contra Dance Weekend


Potent Brew, Sue Hulsether, and Sam Timmreck,Flatfoot Teacher


Tapestry Folkdance Center Minneapolis, MN



October 13-14, 2018


Please bring snacks to share – we’ll have a table out for you!

Three great musicians join together to play wonderful contra dance music as Potent Brew.  They offer traditional and original tunes done in their own way that will have you tapping your feet and moving about the room. Band members include, composer/songwriter, George Paul on keyboard, Dave Bartley on guitar and mandolin, and Ben Schreiber on fiddle.

Sue Hulsether

Sue Hulsether calls dances for groups of all ages and abilities, equally at home in a dance hall, school, barn, or camp. Her dance repertoire, gathered from callers across the country, includes squares, contras, circles, longways sets, contras, play parties, and singing games. Sue is adept at teaching the rhythmic delights of flatfoot clogging and spoons, and also dabbles in piano, banjo, guitar, ukelele, and jawharp.

Sam Timmreck

The flatfooting workshop will provide instruction for all participants.  In flatfoot, dancers keep their feet close to the ground. This how-low-can-you-go style distinguishes it from the loud claps of clogging and the extroverted, bent-leg thrusts of buck dancing.